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Five percent of employees regularly paid under the table in Estonia

Estonian tax authority reported today that 5% of workers regularly receive unreported pay in Estonia. In addition to them, about 4% of people are paid under the table for seasonal work.

The tax board admits that it was surprised since this is about the same as in 2009 and less than in 2008 when it stood at 12%.

Egon Veerm

Tax Authority Swoops, Finds Widespread Violations

Inspections and audits conducted by the tax authority revealed that people failed to declare and pay 36.2 million euros in taxes in the first six months of 2010.

Inspections and tax audits disclosed some sort of irregularity in 89 percent of cases, according to the Estonian Tax and Customs Board.Tax and Customs Board control department head Egon Veerm

unpaid tax

According to Egon Veerm