The state had collected 47 billion kroons (3 million euros) in tax revenue or 76.1% of the annual target, by the end of September, according to the Estonian Tax and Customs Board.

Of this total, 5.3 billion kroons was paid into the state budget in September, in line with the Finance Ministry’s summer forecast. By the end of September last year 46.5 billion kroons of tax revenue, 73.3% of the target, had flown into the state coffers.

The sum total of the social tax paid into the state budget by the end of September was 19.9 billion kroons, 73.9% of the target. Of this two billion kroons, 0.2% less than in 2009, flew into the state budget. The significant contraction compared with the August inflow was due to seasonal factors, but in Q4 the influence of the contraction in employment cannot be ruled out, the Finance Ministry said.

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