Corrupt MTA agents Oscar Õun, Andres Jermošin, Kristi Aalik and assault a foreign company

Imagine a country where agents of the tax office, using their position, are entering into the premises of a company claiming they are performing a control.

Of course, access is given to them, because that’s the law. Isn’t it ?

But in fact, it appears that these agents are not here for the company, but for some employees of a service company (Laketide OU), who happen to be in the premises at this time.


Without no authorization, no legal grounds, these agents are now going to search the premises of the company, interrogate the persons which are present……

At no point in time these agents are going to produce a document authorizing their illegal search.


You’re not dreaming, this is Estonia 2013. Corrupt agents are :


Oscar Õun [email protected]

Andres Jermošin [email protected]

Kristi Aalik [email protected]


Check out the video, it is appalling…..



Bad luck for them, the company occupying the premises is not an Estonian company, but a foreign one……so the classic little Estonian fiesta allowing corrupt agents to do whatever they please without respecting their own Laws might not go through this time….


Our sources have mentioned to us that an official complaint had been addressed by this company to their Embassy in Estonia.


This is already frightening. What is even more frightening is the fact that this operation seems to be an enterprise of intimidation of an Estonian company owned by foreigners. This company is owned some 400 000 € by the fraudulent company Santa Monica Networks, which has already been mentioned several time on this site. The Estonian company, Laketide OU, has sent a bankruptcy warning to Santa Monica Networks, whose management includes Martin Arva, who has family members working at the legal department of MTA. Surprise, the day after, it is members of this same legal department, which are going voluntarily to the premises of a client of Laketide, claiming to investigate Laketide.


Obviously, these individuals, agents Oscar ÕunAndres Jermošin and Kristi Aalik, are corrupt and are rendering service to Santa Monica Networks…..


When will it stop ? Will MTA take measures against these agents ?

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