Hansaworld / Hansaraama / Standard Hansa : the story of the Swedish scam made in Estonia

Recent rebranding of Hansaraama to Standard Hansa made us investigate more this company and the products as a rebranding is always suspicious.


Upon our investigations, the business is operated from Sweden with a USA based company, developers and customers dept in Estonia.


CEO : Karl Bohlin  just get an idea of the who is behind



“even my mother which never really understood what I do”


we tried to understand what they are doing and the answer is :



1)   they are providing a crap software, full of security holes, outside international standards which fails and generates looses of datas

2)   they are no providing any support and even insulting their clients

3)   they are cancelling licenses without legal ground

4)   they are cheating at least the Swedish tax board (Skatteverket) and US IRS



1)   Upon customers and experts reports (from Complus Consulting OU Estonia), Hansaraama and Hansaworld which are used in Estonia to handle accounting datas of thousand of companies is full of security holes. Accounting companies which provide remote access to their Hansa servers are putting the accounting datas at risk, the software is NOT PROTECTED AGAINST BRUT FORCE password attacks. Thousand of accounting datas of companies are almost public.

Hansaraama and Hansaworld is sniffing accounting datas and is sending them to their servers, Windows client is making permanently requests to their servers.

The software architecture is made with an internal database which fails numerous of time and get corrupted (server hard reboot or disk full) without the possibility to repair the database, even MS Access 10 years ago has a repair function. In case of cancellation of license you can loose access to your accounting datas without ANY possibility to access them.

2)   Support in Estonia returns you to read the documentation, they do know that the software is a crap and that there is nothing to do, they even don’t want to help… incredible. The management board is insulting clients, looks like the Swedish alcoholic Karl Bohlin doesn’t like to see the truth…We got report of ex employees which confirmed us everthing.

3)   Reporting your unsatisfaction of the product may result in a cancellation of license with no legal ground, we got reported several customers cancelled for non respect of the license without any explanation, then they explain to their customers that they must pay more (extortion) or go on court against a USA fictive company without office.. good luck they don’t have any asset and there is no money to take there in the USA.

4)   The business is operated from Sweden on the name of Hansaword USA Inc, commercial propositions, agreements, newsletters, legal department are sent from Sweden….according to the ip addresses of the emails :

cinco.canit.se: Host static-213-115-173-164.sme.bredbandsbolaget.se []

they are even using fake addresses and redirected phone numbers in different countries, for their virtual legal dept for example :


Vadim M. Zhuravlyov, dipl.iur.
Chief Legal Advisor

HansaWorld Group
Headquarters Legal Department
Parkshot House
5 Kew Road
London TW9 2PR

Phone:  +44 (0) 845 123 2732
Fax:      +44 (0) 845 123 2739
Mobile  +44 (0) 772 586 8323
email         [email protected]



They are so operating from Sweden without paying income taxes and VAT using an offshore company which is also used to be able to cheat the customers which suffers damages with their software, there is no way to get anything in the US against them. We have been reading tax fraud report made to Skatteverket with all proofs of execution of business on offshore company, we suspect that in the following months a criminal case will be opened against all those people.

As well in the US they have bee reported to the IRS for tax fraud as they are not paying any taxes on their business made with USA companies.




Estonia is more time used to host a scam from Scandinavia, we have only 1 advice, run away from that kind of company as well for the quality of the products but also because they are going to disappear for sure putting all the client without any solution and their accounting datas at huge risk.


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