Justice demands a criminal investigation into the Johvi police…for torture, terrorisation, violation of human rights, and conspiracy to pervert the course of justice

This is a very brief summary for anyone who wants to know the facts
Since I moved into Pargitaguse 5-11, my neighbour in no. 12, Faina, with the help of some other tenants, has made my life hell. She has banged on my door at all hours. She has kicked my door over and over. She has slammed my door shut over and over. She has physically assaulted me, and prevented me from using the stairwell. She has locked me out of the balcony, and refused to lend me a copy of the key to copy. She has refused to allow me to buy a new lock and give everyone a key. Her boyfriend has assaulted me. She has called me ‘schwine’ and ‘hund’. She has done many of these things with the police present, and with their consent.
Recently someone tried to steal my bike by removing the door on my basement box. Faina began her campaign after I turned off lights in the stairwell, there being absolutely no need for them to be on, it being high summer and the stairs being bathed in full sunshine.
She contacted my real estate agent and told him that I was drinking and partying all night, and that all the neighbours were complaining about me. This was the first assault.
I removed a loose piece of door frame from the bottom of the balcony doors, in order to allow some breeze to flow between my extremely hot flat and the balcony. The gap was a few centimeters. Immediately she began complaining that my neighbour’s child was in danger because of the ‘cold wind’.
Any time I did anything that she did not like, she reverted to threats, absurd complaints, physical violence, and ultimately, a rule of terror. She employed all her ‘friends’ to this end. They all stood at my door, mocking me, laughing at me, and constantly kicking my door, slamming it shut, pulling it wide open, and yelling at me. HOwever the police filed a complaint against ME for some sort of ‘disturbance of the peace’.
Even after the police, after my constant requests, finally gave Faina TWO verbal warnings to leave my door alone, making it clear to her that I had every right to leave my joor slightly open, to try to get some relief from the heat, she and her boyfriend, and her other friends, continued to slam my door shut, kick it, and yell abuse at me.
I have called the police to my flat many times to deal with FAina and her boyfriend. However apart from one instance, each time they made treated ME like a criminal, and Faina like some sort of Saint. Only once did a police officer actually do their job, and actually took a statement from me. Faina refused to open the door to him. And then back at the Johvi police station the police undid any good work this police officer had done
by falsifying my complaint / the charge sheet. I have asked repeatedly, verbally through the official translator, and in emails, for a copy of my original complaint.
I have seen NO evidence that ANY of my complaints, including that of physical assault, were ever followed up by police. Anyone with access to the mobile phone records, and my own handwritten and typed complaints, will be able to verify what the police did and did not do. Surely falsifying testimony / complaints / official documents is a criminal act?
I decided it was best to sell my bike. I asked my neighbours in flat 10 if it was O.K to put it on the balcony, in a corner where it bothered no-one, until I sold it. They said this was fine. Several times I had to ask them for their key copy (which was too bent to copy when I took it to the locksmith), when people said they would be coming over to see it. SEveral times they were not home, so I asked them if I could put my own lock on it, and give them a key. If Faina needed to open it she could ask them. They agreed. I did this as
someone said they were definitely coming to buy it the next day. I did not want to risk my neighbours not being home at flat 10. For Faina had refused many times to lend me her key. I had no room in my small flat for the bike.
Faina seized this opportunity to continue her terrorisation of me. That night or morning she emailed or faxed a complaint to the police stating that I had locked her out of the balcony. She has her own balcony. And police had told me before that Faina could put a lock on the balcony if she chose, and deny me access to it. They told me it was NOT a police affair, and I would have to approach the building management about Faina locking ME out of the balcony.
I state this because it is now clear in hindsight, that the police used this ‘complaint’ as an excuse to harass me.
That it was just an excuse is clear when you see that they immediately ‘dropped’ that complaint, and even denied it ever existed, stating ‘we do NOT need a reason to
knock on your door’.
Initially the police tried to push passed me into my flat. I said I would come out in a second. I put a think fleece on. I wearing my sleeping shorts, and sandals. I had never seen these police before. I did not see any signs of the pure hatred, malice, contempt, and conceited arrogance that they were to display shortly. I thought they were unfortunate victims of Faina’s campaign of terror against me. So I explained why I put the
lock on. I explained that the people in flat 10 had a key. They said that Faina, the poor angel, had been prevented from hanging up her washing my my lock. I asked them to check her washing machine, to see if she had any washing in there. I even bet them 1000 euros that she didn’t. They were not impressed. I took them to the basement to show them my ‘box’ and the removed door, so they could see that I could not leave my bike
there. I showed them how none of the other boxes had even had their cardboard covers removed, which was very suspicious. Faina’s box was right next to mine. They appeared to take offence at something, and gave me angry looks. As I tried to walk passed Sergei he actually shoved me in the stomach. I kept going and went back into the building, followed by the Sergei and Marko.
In the stairwell they began shoving me and saying all manner of things about Faina, as if she were a Saint and ‘Mother Russia’, and I was some sort of evil, dirty, filthy, undesirable pest. I asked for my I.D. They would not give it to me. I needed to go to the toilet.
They blocked my door. I rang the doorbell of flat 10. Just as my neighbour in flat 10 opened her door, the police banged my head onto the concrete wall, tried ot kick my legs out from under me, and grabbed my hands, putting them in handcuffs.
Later my neighbour told me she was in shock when she opened the door. She had seen and heard what had been going on, and could see NO reason for the way the police were treating me. She has said on many occasions that they wished they could move, but they had bought at the wrong time, and now could not sell. They didn’t want ‘trouble’ with Faina, which more or less amounts to a fear of her. The police did NOT ask them the
questions I asked them to, in relation to an earlier ‘assault’, when a Russian speaking police person crushed my foot in my door, and said ‘That’s YOUR problem’ when I complained. He had just finished an illegal search of my flat, after I had asked him to remain outside, and then to leave. That was the first time I had seen such open hostility, malice, hatred, conceited arrogance on a police officer. Only the Ethnic Estonian
officer with him kept him from expressing his malice further.
So I DO have a witness. But I fear she, and anyone else in the flat at the time, will be too scared to give evidence in court. AFter what happened to me, I cannot blame them.
For Sergei pulled my arms up so high it restricted my breathing, and was painful. In the police car Marko deliberately crushed the hand-cuffs as tight as he could, with a malicious grin on his face, when I complained that they were too tight and painful. He then crushed my head and neck against the car door window when I tried to call to a passing friend. He placed his full weight against my neck, against my Vagus nerve.
This is an illegal ‘choke’ hold. It can result in death from heart arrhythmia.
I was taken to a ‘dungeon’, a concrete box with no windows. The floor and door were covered in blood and faeces. The toilet was blocked. It would not flush. There was no way to sit. There was no toilet paper. I washed the seat as well I could and used one of my socks as toilet paper. I was left to rot in there for over 2 hours. I had been ‘arrested’ around 10 a.m. By the time I was in an ‘interview room’ it was past 1p.m, according to the ‘police translator’.
I was then told that I was being charged with a misdemeanour of ‘causing a public disturbance’ and ‘saying that Faina was a bitch’. In fact I had responded to the police’s praise of Faina by saying ‘Faina has been bitching about me to my real estate agent since I moved in, trying to get me evicted. She has made my life hell’. I certainly made no ‘skandale’. Ask my neighbour in flat 10. Faina and her ‘bambino’ make more noise
when he leaves her flat before 7a.m than I made that day, even with the police provoking me and assaulting me.
In the interview room I asked if I could make a phone call. I asked for some paper and a pen to write a response to the misdemeanour charge. Sergei said I could not. He was very angry and conceitedly arrogant. He made comments to the effect that he was not going to let me waste any more of the police time. The translator simply read what was already written in English on the forms, and sort of translated the ‘charge’, which SErgei had already done, with a much better command of the English language than I could attribute to the ‘translator’. He had been speaking with me in English all the time. There was no need for a translator. She witnessed everything in the interview room. She witnessed Sergei denying me the right to write a response.
Sergei gave me a form to sign. I wrote two sentences on it and was about to sign it when he angrily tore the paper from my hand, and then wrenched the pen out of my hand. With great malicious glee he stated that ‘that’s it, you had your chance, now you will spend at least 48 hours in jail. The ‘translator’ agreed with him when I asked her to intervene. ‘You had your chance, no it is too late’. AFter this he actually expected me to sign another form in which I agreed that the force used had been necessary. When I asked to sign the other form he and the translator both said it was ‘too late’. When I tried to plead with them, Sergei took the second form from me and said that now that was TWO forms I had failed to sign, implying I would be spending ANOTHER 48 in jail for that. And I thought that meant ‘the dungeon’. I was terrified but decided I could do nothing, so I simply asked if I could call a lawyer. Sergei said I could only call MY lawyer. I asked if I could call a lawyer from the phone book. He said NO. He said I could give them the number of ONE person they would contact to inform that I was in jail. I was given a piece of paper and pen. I wrote down TWO names and locations where they could be found / contacted. I also wrote a line stating that I wanted to sign the two forms. The paper was taken from me.
Marko put on his leather gloves, apparently keen for some violence again. I resigned myself to my fate.
Sergei told me to go back into the dungeon cell. I pointed to the blood, faeces, and blocked, now full, toilet, and he laughingly replied ‘That’s YOUR blood’, and closed the door.
About 15 minutes later I was taken to the main Johvi prison, and placed in a solitary cell. AFter the dungeon this cell was very much welcomed. At first. But it soon became hell for me. I was wearing only shorts, a think fleece, and sandals. One sock was in the washbasin in the dungeon. I used the other to clean the cell.
I was kept in this cell for at least 48 hours. I was only allowed to leave it once, to face a group of mocking, derisive, vicious group of police whom I had lodged complaints against. They were filming me. So I went back into the cell to escape them. Other than these few moments, I was not allowed any freedom at all. I was brought meals. But no-one ever responded when I pressed the button which SErgei had said I should press if I needed anything. I checked it before I finally left, from the outside, and it appeared to work perfectly well. It lit up a set of L.E.D lights outside the cell.
Now this group, whom I had made several formal complaints about, entered my cell. I told the prison guard I was terrified of them, and to please stay and watch over me. She did. They were filming me and laughing. They got me to sign some form…apparently NOT The one I had written on. They did allow me to write a response.
But they would NOT let me call anyone. They said I was free to leave, but only by taxi or with them. They knew I had no money for a taxi, and that I was terrified of them. It was now past 10p.m. I was still in shock. I was exhausted. I asked the translator to explain to the prison guard that I had no money for a taxi, but that I would walk home the next morning…that I had to sleep in the prison that night.
The next morning it was clear that I was still a prisoner. It was terrifying. I became ill. I was freezing cold. I had to curl up on the mattress in a corner, trying to keep warm. I was terribly ill with migraine.
But no-one answered my calls, the ‘button’, or my tapping on the door with my metal cup.  The next morning police opened my cell. They were ethnic estonian but still they were laughing at me. What on earth did all these police think I had done to deserve this? This is why I am writing this again, now. So they can read it and understand how unjustly they have treated me.
Finally I was told I could leave. I went to the doctor on on leaving. I was then left in another cold room. I was taken back to Tammiku in the back of a police lock-up van. It was freezing cold. I was half naked. I was terrified the whole time that they were taking me back to the dungeon.
When I got ‘home’ I went straight to the library. I was too terrified to risk going back into my flat. For all I knew people were waiting. And I would NOT be able to defend myself against anything, for fear of being locked up again. As soon as I could I arranged to move out of my flat, waiting until someone was free to accompany me.
And so Faina got what she wanted. I have been forced to move out of my home by her and her conspiring police friends.
After almost giving up, I finally found someone who would listen to my complaint. I will know in a week or so if any investigation will take place. In the mean time I am living in fear of the police. I have packed my things many times over the last year, but each time I decided I was not going to let someone like Faina succeed in her malicous, arrogant, conceited, vicious, selfish, ruthless, self-righteous…etc…plans.
For THIS is the true evil on earth. Malice borne of conceited arrogance and a sense of
entitlement over others. This time I packed in earnest. I have given things away, and am trying to sell other things. I cannot risk staying in Estonia, this ‘state of terror’, unless someone controls the police, and calls them to account.
And so I wait, my bags packed, for see if anyone will investigate the police, let alone bring them to account. If not, then I will have no choice but to leave. The police here are true terrorists. They allied themselves with a ruthless woman who would employ any means to get her own way. That she and the police would go this far, however, still shocks me. It terrifies me. But I should not be surprised. History shows the potential in human nature for such things. And anyone out there should be warned. History repeats. You may
feel that it does not concern you. But take a quick look at your nations history, and the history of humankind.
source : http://thephilsopherprophetoftheedenprotocols.wordpress.com/2013/04/12/justice-demands-a-criminal-investigation-into-the-johvi-police-for-torture-terrorisation-violation-of-human-rights-and-conspiracy-to-pervert-the-course-of-justice/

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