Are Mirjam Mari Marastu, Santa Monica Networks and its criminal manager Margus Vaino linked to the shady bankruptcy of Peep Aaviksoo ?

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Remember March 2015. Everybody in Estonia was shocked by the news of the bankruptcy of Peep Aaviksoo, one of the biggest Estonian “businessmen” / politicians (for the ones who don’t remember, here is the link to the excellent Aripaev article

To summarize, Peep Aavikso is currently prohibited by the law to manage a company and leaves behind him over 2.5 million Euro losses for the creditors.


What a surprise, at the heart of this scandalous bankruptcy, to find ROM INVEST OÜ. A 2556 EUR capital company supposed to invest and manage millions in Romania. This company was originally incorporated under the name A.P & P CONSULT OÜ thanks to the help of the infamous Mirjam-Mari Marastu, the Estonian Queen of tax evasion, money laundering and questionable corporate schemes, whose characteristic signature is the email she uses as contact for the register of companies : [email protected]


For those who do not remember our previous investigations on Marastu, the best way to be familiarized with this character is to checkout the quite impressive list of companies she is a manager of (available here :


So ROM INVEST OÜ, once incorporated and managed using the services of Marastu (incorporation, domiciliation, secretary, and of course creative accounting, declarations and reports….) is now in liquidation, and at the heart of one of the biggest financial scandals in the recent years.

Needless to say, a thorough examination of the company’s accounting documents, its financial transactions and its correspondence by the appointed liquidator should allow all the truth (and nothing but the truth) to be made about the murky deals of this company.

Of course, the appointed trustee in bankruptcy will proceed with all the necessary diligence, and might even cast a light on the exact role of Mirjam-Mari Marastu, (who happens to be standing behind Peep Aaviksoo in a couple of other companies of his, such as ASHLEY OÜ, or even directly under the spotlight, as a member of the management board, such as BOLTON REALESTATE OÜ). Maybe these companies have benefited from the bankruptcy of ROM INVEST OÜ ? Maybe the creditors could retrieve some of their money ?

Sure, the trustee in bankruptcy will do his job, and justice will be done, swiftly !

But…wait….the trustee in bankruptcy is Kalev Mägi. Good : he is a professional trustee in bankruptcy, we can trust him !

Problem, it doesn’t sound so good : our sources signal us that Kalev Mägi is also a member of the board of a recently incorporated company (October 2015) : Eastham OÜ.

What is the email address used as a contact for this company : [email protected]

Wait….could it be…yes, you guessed right, this is the other signature email of Mirjam-Mari Marastu, which is directing to the infamous Office Services Group, headquartered Lõõtsa 8a, 11415 Tallinn, which is also the incorporation address of… ROM INVEST OÜ (and the hundred of other shady companies consisting Marastu’s business).


Sounds like the creditors of Peep Aavikso will never see their money ! Again a classic Marastu scheme, bravo maestro !


Now, for the ones who did not follow, Mirjam-Mari Marastu is, among other things, a pillar of the infamous historical first chapter (LC1, founded 1990) of the Ladies Circle Estonia, where she enjoys the company of her co-member (and secretary of the chapter) Terje Vaino (yes, the wife of Margus Vaino, manager of Santa Monica Networks), under the patronage of one of the directors of the chapter, Marje Teeriaho.


For the ones who do not know Marje Teeriaho (born Suurorg), she is of course the wife of Tapani Ensio Teeriaho, who not only happens to be the manager of a company providing “employment” to Marje (who is a “project manager” at INTERCAPITAL OÜ, another 2556 EUR capital creation of Marastu, hosted and managed from the same address than ROM INVEST OÜ), but also the new manager of MAMAIA OÜ, company incorporated and managed originally by Peep Aavikso.

Tapani Ensio Teeriaho is also the co-manager of a company named TL-GROUP (still a Marastu creation), which is owning 20% of Santa Monica Networks GROUP OÜ, the mother company of Santa Monica Networks AS.

By the way, Tapani Ensio Teeriaho is also a shareholder of Marastu’s Office Services Group OÜ , and a tax evader in the USA and in Finland, but that’s another story….


For the moment, let’s focus a bit on the Vaino / Teeriaho families – Peep Aavikso / Marastu connection.

All these people share the same Santa Monica Networks connection. By the way, Lõõtsa 8a, 11415 Tallinn happens to be the address of Santa Monica Networks, and, let’s not forget, of the now defunct and bankrupt ROM INVEST OÜ, whose trustee in bankruptcy is also installed in the same office. Don’t we smell something rotten here?


Doesn’t it stink even more if we underline the fact that Santa Monica Networks GROUP OÜ is not, as many could believe, an IT company. No, no, it is a finance and insurance company. Well, it doesn’t of course operate with a license for these activitie), but it claims to be a financial services and insurance company.


As this wasn’t enough, the Latvian (how interesting and logical for a mainly Estonian group !) manager of Santa Monica Networks GROUP OÜ, Justas Dargužas, is also co-manager of another interesting company (yes, you’ve guessed again, same address, Marastu again…) : VESTA INVESTMENTS OÜ. The other manager is Olli Ensio Heinonen, who is also managing quite a good number of other Marastu incorporated companies.


All these people happen to be owning shares, directly and indirectly, into BOLTON REALESTATE OÜ, a very wealthy real estate company managed by Marastu, where many other exotic characters, such as Italian criminals and tax evaders, launder their dirty money (we’ll come back to this later). Maybe this is where went the funds of the poor defrauded creditors of ROM INVEST OÜ and Peep Aavikso ?


Or maybe this connection explains why Santa Monica Networks GROUP OÜ, a glorified reseller of IT hardware, managed for years to redistribute to its shareholders (all of them being Peep Aavikso associates) consistently millions of euros of “profit” on a market where competition is tough, margins are scarce and investments not frequent ?


Stay tuned, while we investigate another side of the dirty business of the Estonian / Finn criminal business / politics drama of the year.

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