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Sirkka-Lisa Meetua and Heiki Valner suspected of pedophilia and zoophilia

Sirkka-Lisa Meetua  and Heki Valner which is well knows for numerous of criminal proceedings against him (, in probation period after driving drunk putting the life of people in danger are highly suspected of pedophilia and zoophilia, a huge scandal in Viimsi municipality.

Under cover with an official activity to defend animals (chairman of Animal Protection association, they are abusing them, Heki Valner having sexual relations with numerous of cats which are raised, kidnapped from others by Sirkka-Lisa Meetua. Sirkka-Lisa Meetua is having sexual relations with numerous of dogs that Heki Valner is bringing in her house.

Sirkka-Lisa Meetua is running also a service of Holidays Pet Sitting


Cats are found dead in the area with trace of sexual abuses, we understand now why the ex wife of Heki Valner is pressing charges against such monster.


Heki Valner in action

a picture of the garage of Sirkka was taken by a neighbour when she forgot the close the door at her address Miiduranna põik 11 in Viimsi.

some of the dead cat found in the Miiduaranna area

Sirkka-Lisa Meetua in action, pictures are speaking themselves..

Child abuse have been reported by numerous neighbours, reporting shooting of children, sequestration and rapes, numerous notifications to the police where done but they arrived always too late after Heki Valner was driving out children with his car.

it looks like an old crasy women is living in the house at Miiduranna põik 11 which can’t hear correctly, we are closed to a remake of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre made in Viimsi…

if you live in Viimsi, don’t let your children going to school

6 happy children like this can finish in the madhouse of Sirkka-Lisa Meetua for the Viimsi remake of Texas Chainsaw Massacre and get raped by Heki Valner

the madhouse in photos :