Mirjam-Mari Marastu money laundering and tax fraud network with Nederlands

Here is a letter sent to us which was sent to Nederlands tax board

To:      Tax and Customs Administration/Limburg/Department of International Issues

Kloosterweg 22

PO Box 2865

6401 DJ Heerlen

The Netherlands




From:   XXXXXX                                                                              February, 1 2013




Dear Sirs,



We are currently engaged in legal proceedings against an Estonian company belonging to a network of several hundreds of companies organizing a tax evasion benefiting to individuals and companies in Finland, Italy, Germany and Netherlands.


According to our information (which is public and available from the Estonian Register of Commerce), the Estonian company Office Services Group OÜ (reg. number 11374672) is, directly or through its subsidiaries Administration Services OÜ (12126864), Offices Services OÜ (11078873), Financial Services OÜ (11877485) and Legal Services OÜ (12126864) providing incorporation services, “accounting” services and secretarial services to Netherlands citizens and companies. These companies are managed by the Estonian Citizen Mirjam-Mari Marastu.


The companies thus created have the common characteristics:


–       They are headquartered at the same address (Valge 13, Tallinn, headquarters of Office Services OÜ, Administration Services OÜ, Financial Services OÜ and etc.)

–       They are providing for sole contact details phone numbers and emails owned by Offices Services Group OÜ and its subsidiaries, showing the non-existence of an independent and real business.

–       They are failing to publish their financial results, providing total opacity.

–       They have no employees beyond the shareholders (Netherlands citizens and companies) and managers, who are either co-directing the companies along with Mirjam-Mari Marastu and her accomplice Meelis Lääne, or are simply acting as shareholders.


The use of these companies is allowing the Netherlands citizens to:


(i)             Hide their ownership of assets in Estonia from the Netherlands tax authorities

(ii)           Receive revenue, in Estonian bank accounts, from these companies while not declaring it to the Netherlands tax office

(iii)          Lower their companies taxable income in Netherlands by either (a) directly issuing invoices or receiving funds on the Estonian companies for products / services which are in fact delivered by the Netherlands companies, and/ or (b) invoicing the Netherlands companies for fictitious provision of goods or services and / or (c) receiving funds from the Netherlands companies which are then “reinvested” into fictitious assets, and /or (d) lowering the reported value of the Estonian owned assets in the accounting of the Netherlands companies.


We are sure that a cautious study by the Netherlands Tax Authorities of the declared assets and revenues of these Netherlands citizens and Companies, as well as of the purchases made by the Netherlands Companies from Estonian companies will allow the Tax Authorities to detect the discrepancies in declarations and the fraudulent / ungrounded transactions, and therefore will allow Netherlands to recover the substantial amounts which have been evaded through these channels.


Tax evasion network organized in the profit of the following Netherlands citizens and companies:


The Netherlands citizens Cornelia Johanna Maria Oudmaljer, DOB 15.02.1960 and Willem Gerardus Johannes Antonius Van Meer, DOB 22.09.1960, are the managers and shareholders of the Netherlands companies BalMedia Print Management BV (KvK registration number 24168127) and W. Van Meer Holding BV (KvK registration number 24173184).


The company W. Van Meer Holding BV is the sole shareholder of the Estonian company Let’s Print Management OÜ (registration number 11284532), co-managed by Cornelia Oudmaljer, Willem Van Meer and the Estonian citizen Mirjam-Mari Marastu.


This company is the sole shareholder of the Estonian companies Let’s Publish OÜ (registration number 1157462), co-managed by Willem Van Meer and Jan Hernen De Brujn (DOB 07.05.1954).


It is also the sole shareholder of the Estonian companies Prest OÜ (registration number 12351437) and VMVM Business OÜ (registration number 12363096), managed by Mirjam-Mari Marastu.


All these companies are headquartered in Valge 13, Tallinn, and do not have no employees beyond the managers. Mrs Mirjam-Marastu is a Lawyer, not a professional printer, and there are no facilities or equipment in Valge 13 address allowing executing printing works.


Let’s Print Management OÜ is also the co-shareholder of the Estonian company Oldtimer Archives OÜ (registration number 12407149, also headquartered in Valge 13), the other shareholder being Oldtimer International Media OÜ (registration number 12399272, also headquartered in Valge 13), managed by Meelis Lääne, who is himself sole owner and manager of the sole shareholder of Oldtimer International Media OÜ, Punaana OÜ (registration number 11912460).


Whereas none of these companies has the capabilities to deliver any king of goods and services related to printing due to (a) the absence of employees beyond the managers and (b) the absence of technical or logistics facilities in Valge 13, and whereas Valge 13 is used by Mirjam-Mari Marastu to host hundreds of bogus companies dedicated to tax evasion, we strongly advise the Tax Authorities to:


–       Investigate the existence or not of a reporting of ownership of assets by W. Van Meer Holding BV (KvK registration number 24173184) under the form of shares of the Estonian company Let’s Print Management OÜ.

–       Investigate the financial transactions between the companies W. Van Meer Holding BV and Bal Media Print Management BV and any of the Estonian companies listed above, which will show being ungrounded deliveries of goods or services.

–       Investigate the possibility that such Estonian companies are used in order to invoice directly Netherlands customers of BalMedia Print Management BV (www.balmedia.net) from Let’s Print Management OÜ or its subsidiaries.





Margus Vaino Santa Monica AS Director – criminal cases opened

We have received information, that Margus Vaino, Santa Monica AS director has several criminal cases lately opened against him after he tried to racket and extort large sums of money from a foreign investor; he has committed several of private property invasions and harmed physically the mentioned businessman in front of a number of witnesses.

Definitely, during this period of crisis, all the ways seem to be good to make money in Estonia. After fraudulent bankruptcies with the shamelessly hijacked assets just like it happens each day in Estonia, it seems that old good mafia methods are again becoming popular.

Margus Vaino does not seem at his first time to get protection because his enterprise seems to be a supplier of Estonian secret police.

Invest Estonia investigates for you and we will certainly keep you informed – another dirty story that does not encourage investment into this imitation of a civilized country.

Margus Vaino Santa Monica AS direktor – kriminaalmenetlus algatatud

Meieni jõudis info, et Margus Vaino, Santa Monica AS direktori vastu on hiljuti algatud krimnaalmenetlust seoses sellega, et ta on teinud mitu väljapressimiskatset.

Eelmainitud isik nõudis välismaiselt investorilt suurt rahasummat, ta olevat samuti mitmekordselt tunginud eraomadisse ning tekitanud füüsilist kahju sellele isikule mitme pealtnägija juuresolekul.

Näib tõesti, et Eestis on majanduskriisi perioodil «papi lõikamiseks» kõik vahendid head. Pärast petlikke pankrotistumisi häbiväärselt varastatud aktiividega, mis on igapäevane asi, on nähtavasti head vanad maffia meetodid on jälle moes.

See pole, vastavalt saadavatele andmetele, Margus Vaino esimene kord kaitset saada – tema firma on KAPO tarnija.

Invest Estonia uurib asja Teie jaoks ning me lubame hoida Teid kursis – veel üks räpane lugu, mis ei ajeta investeerima sellesse tsiviliseeritud riigi imitatsiooni.

Tallinn, Vilnius battle for title as Europe’s murder capital

Tallinn has come out second just after Vilnius by number of murders per 100,000 people from 2002 until 2008, according to figures released on Tuesday by the EU’s official statistics agency, Eurostat.

In a report on crime trends over recent years, Lithuania saw an average 8.76 murders per 100,000 heads of population every year during the period 2002-8, Eurostat said, making Lithuania the EU’s murder capital by some margin.

Another Baltic state, Estonia, recorded the second-highest level with 6.6 murders per 100,000 residents. Complete data was not available for Riga, but incomplete figures suggested a similar rate to that of Estonia.

‘The figures suggest that Lithuania and Estonia have by far the highest incidence of homicides. The only other countries reporting more than two cases a year per hundred thousand population were Finland, Bulgaria, Scotland, Romania, the Czech Republic and Ireland,’ Eurostat reported.

The lowest murder rates were observed in Austria, Slovenia and Germany, all of which had less than one homicide per 100,000 of population.

On a more positive note, Lithuania was also amongst the EU states that saw one of the largest drops in levels of violent crime during the same period.

The data involved in the survey included murders, causing fata bodily harm with intent, euthanasia and murdered children.

Why not investing in Estonia ? look how stupid is the prime minister


Construction companies suspected of large-scale fraud

Owners of two Estonian construction firms Wolmreks Ehituse and Kristiine Ehituse are suspected to have masterminded a scam causing the state and subcontractors to lose millions, writes



everybody should to go explain to any possible investor NOT TO COME TO MAKE BUSINESS IN ESTONIA

German trade official: Estonia has its problems, but who doesn’t

Maren Diale-Schellschmidt, head of the German-Baltic Chamber of Commerce (AHK), says that foreign investors have some problems in Estonia, but they should not be exaggerated.

In an interview to

76% of tax revenue target reached by October

The state had collected 47 billion kroons (3 million euros) in tax revenue or 76.1% of the annual target, by the end of September, according to the Estonian Tax and Customs Board.

Of this total, 5.3 billion kroons was paid into the state budget in September, in line with the Finance Ministry’s summer forecast. By the end of September last year 46.5 billion kroons of tax revenue, 73.3% of the target, had flown into the state coffers.

The sum total of the social tax paid into the state budget by the end of September was 19.9 billion kroons, 73.9% of the target. Of this two billion kroons, 0.2% less than in 2009, flew into the state budget. The significant contraction compared with the August inflow was due to seasonal factors, but in Q4 the influence of the contraction in employment cannot be ruled out, the Finance Ministry said.

Of individuals

Danish investor: it’s a scam!

Karsten Ree, major Danish investor and a shareholder of FjordFresh Holding, developer of the Audru fish farm project iN Estonia, claims that the company’s former executives Thorben Nielsen and Alar Oppar were in scam against him. According to Nielsen, it was Ree who failed to meet his obligations, wrote